Charlie O. the mule.

Charlie 'O 1965 yearbookCharlie-O the Mule was the mascot used by the Kansas City Athletics and Oakland A’s from 1963 to 1976. The mule was named after Charles O. Finley, the team’s flamboyant owner at the time.When the A’s moved to then heavily Democratic Missouri, where the official state animal is the mule, Governor Warren Hearnes gave a mule to Finley for his barnyard menagerie at Municipal Stadium which also included sheep and goats that scampered up the hill behind right field. The Municipal Stadium menagerie also included Warpaint, the horse mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs. As questions swirled about whether Finley would be loyal to Missouri, he embraced the mule and removed the elephant from the A’s logo and changed the A’s colors from blue, red and white to green, gold, and white.When the Athletics left Kansas City after the 1967 season, there was debate about whether Charlie O should stay behind in Missouri, but Finley decided that the mule had been a gift and took him with him to Oakland in 1968. The mule died in 1976 at age 20. He was cremated, and the location of the remains is secret.  (Wikipedia)


8 thoughts on “Charlie O. the mule.

  1. steve

    Take that all you A doubters. Such a Rodney Dangerfield situation-no respect for such a great team. A bit like the San Antonio Spurs in basketball. And Oakland is an old franchise with so many roots. I don’t get it. Only team in the AL West that isn’t an expansion baby. Great tribute!

      1. steve

        Maybe there’s an infomercial I could send away for.. How to be cynical in five days for just $7.99 and if you order now, we’ll send you a pamphlet of some of the great cynics in history with their actual quotes at no extra charge.

      2. steve

        It’s maybe pathetic, but i usually read Tanya before bed rather than a Henry Rollins biography or a Bukowski story. I guess that’s why I enjoy writers like you. Our internal wiring and what we are striving for seem to be different. I don’t have access to the cynicism you are able to express. It’s not in me or I haven’t been able to find it, yet.

        At least we can avoid the debate between blues-gospel or prog rock-punk rock. I tend to enjoy both for what they are with one being way more connected to society or deconstructing society and the other one shuffling clouds.

        I do appreciate your friction.

  2. statsheetsandbeats

    Good ol’ Charlie used to be kept in a stable in Oakland, up 35thave/Redwood road about 1/4 past Skyline blvd on the right. This was less than 2 miles from the home I grew up in and where we would often go to retrieve manure for our gardens. Nice homage.


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