“Home Run” Baker had a huge dong.

The following was re-printed from Robert W. Creamer’s book, Babe: A Legend Come to Life.

hr baker cardBecause of the Babe’s prowess, there were the inevitable stories that Ruth was exceptionally well equipped sexually, and a male nurse who took care of him in his terminal illness was impressed by the size of Ruth’s genitals. One teammate, asked if he had an exceptionally big penis, frowned a little and searched his memory and shook his head. “No,” he said, “It was normal size, judging from locker room observation. Nothing extraordinary. Del Pratt’s was. And Home Run Baker’s. My god, you wouldn’t believe Home Run Baker’s. It looked like it belonged to a horse. But Babe’s wasn’t noticeably big. What was extraordinary was how he kept doing it all the time. He was continually with women morning and night. I don’t know how he kept going.”He was very noisy in bed, visceral grunts and gasps and whoops accompanying his erotic exertions.  “He was the noisiest fucker in North America,” a whimsical friend recalled.

6 thoughts on ““Home Run” Baker had a huge dong.

  1. jerrypritikin

    New meaning to “equipment manager”. While we are on that touchy subject… I had gone to a young Republican gathering in Chicago, and Tribune sports Editor Arch Ward (Creator of the All-Star Baseball-game,All-Star Football-game and the Golden Gloves Boxing Event) was the main speaker back in the mid-50s and he told the following story. He said that he had been to many kinds of sporting events,both Professional and Armature including Football,Boxing,baseball and he had been to all kinds of Arenas,Stadiums and Ball fields, and he got to know many of the athletes and the one thing he noticed from being in the locker rooms of all those sporting events… was that not all men are created equal!

  2. steve

    This sounds like a work conversation. Maybe if turn my coworkers onto Coco Crisps Afro and specifically this post, they will take an interest in baseball. That would make January and February pass much faster.


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