A moment of bravado (and a message to the Angels) as the last month of the season kicks in.

saveIs it time to panic? Was it all wishful thinking? Do we have a rational chance?

I’m not sure if I wrote about the following experience on this blog. (I tend to write in the grand tradition of self-absorbed blow-hards…the tediousness still exists to this day.) We live in a world full of holes. That’s always how it seems with thoughts that transition into stories: one minute there’s nothing, and the next minute it’s there, already sitting inside you. Memories…

I was a bad kid. Juvenile hall and all that shit. My mom sent me to live with my grandparents when I was 16. I moved from Northern California to the southlands of Orange County. My grandparents  ran a motel in Buena Park, Ca. not but 5 miles or so north of Anaheim. Grandpa and I used to go to Angels games now and then to see the likes of Gary Gaetti, Jim Abbott, Mark Langston, Chili Davis, and old man Jimmie Reese. (Babe Ruth’s roommate) Jimmie was an honorary coach because of his age and stature, and he would sign autographs and answer any questions the young kids had about baseball.  I loved it and would ask him casual questions about the Babe. We were Oakland A’s fans until the grave, yet we were baseball fans overall, so we took what we could get. I had nothing but great memories of the “Big A.” Mind you, all of this happened before the new ownership, the condescending attitudes, bloated payroll, self-righteous disdain and that idiotic Disney rock pile in the left/center field. (Now everyone in the “real” Los Angeles area makes fun of the Angels because of their unfortunate name and “intellectually inferior” suburban plight.)

The recent collapse by the Oakland ballclub has thrown the fan base into a bit of a controlled rage. The Anaheim Republicans recently swept us in 4, putting us into that unfortunate abyss of Wild Card hell.  But…as every Oakland fan woke up on Saturday; no doubt bleary-eyed/ hung over from the festivities of Labor Day from the day before…..we decided to sign Adam Dunn.  Adam Fucking Dunn. dunn

The rest of the league laughed at our desperation! Not ONE team wanted him at the trading deadline. Dunn was a has- been. A steaming pile of crap on a junkies’ ball sack. The limping, lame orphaned dog that everyone wished would be put out of its misery. The cyst on your ass that you never noticed until it bleeds through your pants.

Our kind of guy. 

Dunn hit a homer in his first AB as an Athletic on a hot, sticky day at the Coliseum on Monday afternoon; not a moon shot , but a moment of hope. This was a meaningless homerun in the baseball world, yet to Athletics fans it was akin to the battered and bloody boxer that had recently been knocked down in the 12th round. Yet, in this story the boxer gets up…again, as he had done so many times before….and he says, “I’m still here….let’s get it on.”

6 thoughts on “A moment of bravado (and a message to the Angels) as the last month of the season kicks in.

  1. steve

    What a farce and a fool I am. I posted replies this morning and all of them didn’t post so I assumed in my “self absorbed blow hard” way that I was being censored. Dammit and they were great replies if I do say so myself. Musta been a glitch in the wordp[res ebcasue I was responding form a different computer.

    The post was something to the effect of ….and you and your bold predictions Gary about being in the World Series; at least for the Brewers and I assume the A’s. I didn’t buy it for a second. Freaking BArry Manillow hot air, but at least you left a little room for failure and at least you A’s whinos got the wild card..

    Dammit..It was better the first time. Anyway. Great post, as always and we never know of course. This could all spin 180 degrees again except for the Brewers Gomez is screwed for a while with bum ankle.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Nope, this blog is pretty democratic. I don’t even “approve” the comments before they get posted.
      The Crew has just GOT to win that division. I couldn’t stand to watch the BORING Cardinals in the playoffs one more year. Plus they are a thorn in the Dodgers side just like the Tigers are to us.

      1. steve

        The crew and A’s are both suffering ship wreck suckatash. Freaking mind rot, pass the rot gut wine. please, but ya know back in 2008, the brewers slipped a 3-12 record on us September swoon, fired their manager Yost and still managed to sneak a wild card ride, but we had Sabbthia and Kendal…It was a bad ass scene. This year we lost Gomez and well, we are a very mediocre team and have been since June 1st. Pesimistic? Maybe? Bitter? Teased after 155 days in 1st place? Maybe. But we knew we were mediocre. The good news was the Cardinals sucked. Now, they’re figuring out ways to win and it’s a fork under a finger nail. It kills to see the Red Turds in first place. 4 game series begins tomorrow in Milwaukee.

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