40 years ago this month…Reggie gets his ass kicked.

reggie north swap blowsReggie Jackson had always gotten along with Bill North, and publicly praised the young center fielder several times for his fielding prowess. Sometime in mid-April, however, Bill failed to run hard to first on a routine ground-out. When he returned to the bench, Reggie harshly berated him in front of his teammates for not hustling. The seeds of The Fight were sown. 

“He had crossed me, in some way, a couple of times,” Bill recalls without going into detail. “I tried to set him up for a month.” He gave Reggie the silent treatment despite Jackson’s torrid start, and refused to talk to him on or off the field. He would not congratulate Reggie after home runs. During this period, North lifted his average above .200, swiped seventeen bases in the month of May alone, and played exceptional defense. By the day of The Fight, he was batting .228 and leading the league in stolen bases. Jackson remained hot, batting .390 with a league-leading 15 home runs, and the A’s were first in the A.L. West.

Finally, prior to a night game on June 5, in the locker room at Tiger Stadium, Bill made a remark that infuriated Reggie and ignited the brawl. The superstar, who was not yet dressed for the game, charged North and the two wrestled on the floor, in full view of teammates and sportswriters. Catcher Ray Fosse, pitcher Vida Blue and others were able to separate the two, only to have the combatants tangle again a few minutes later. “It wasn’t a regular clubhouse fight,” said an A’s teammate anonymously. “There was no backing off. They went at it hot and heavy — twice.” When the dust settled, the consensus was that North had won the fight. Jackson ended up with a bruised shoulder and battered ego. Fosse suffered a separated cervical disk in the melee and was out of action until late in the season. Both North and Jackson played against the Tigers that night. Bill went 2 for 3 with a double, run scored and RBI while Reggie went 0 for 4. For the rest of June, the powerful right fielder batted .197 with just three doubles, no home runs and four RBI.

Bill looks back upon the incident with much more humility than braggadocio. “I had extracted my ounce of retribution,” Bill admits, but believes the path chosen to settle their score was from youthful ignorance. The Fight and its aftermath enabled Bill and Reggie to move forward as teammates with renewed respect for each other. Today, North says, they maintain a genuine friendship. Reggie Jackson wrote this about Bill in his autobiography: “North was a feisty little guy with a hair-trigger temper, and one of the reasons he was such a winner on the field was because he had a lot of piss and vinegar in him.”

originally written by Tim Herlich.

10 thoughts on “40 years ago this month…Reggie gets his ass kicked.

  1. Bruce Thiesen

    I don’t remember reading about this before. Poor Ray Fosse. He had so much talent, but was so battered trying to do the right thing – on the field and off.

    Since Bill North was a Cub during my formative fan years, I still think of him as the next big thing at Wrigley. That’s how we thought of him, since he was so fast and athletic. He was gone before we were given the chance to watch very long.

  2. leeduigon

    I remember reading about the North fight, but then Reggie came to the Yankees and had bigger fights with Billy Martin. Also a dust-up with Graig Nettles.
    Somehow Reggie wound up in the soup a lot. Was it his big mouth? And yet I’ve always had the impression that he would be a good guy to have as your friend, an easy man to like.
    It will not surprise me if that comment goes over badly.

    1. Brad.

      Reggie never fought with Billy Martin because he knew better! Martin would have embarrassed Jackson and probably put him in the hospital. Billy was 5 ’10” tall and about 160 pounds, and Reggie was 6′ and 200 pounds, and all mouth. Bill North was 5′ 11″ tall and 185 pounds.

  3. steve

    At the risk of sounding like a ‘dog smiles at mailman scenario,’ I love it when fights deepen a friendship with mutual respect and what not like it apparently did with North and Reggie. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. David Lopez Jr

    Bill north is a mighty fine fellow. I was once walking through a gas station in Seattle Washington, wearing a @#34FernandoValeñzuela LA Dodgers Jersey and mr Bill out of nowhere sparked up a nice conversation with me, and he even let me try on his championship ring and take a picture with it on and gave me his autograph. Kool guy. Thank you very much.

  5. Brad

    I remember this fight like it happened yesterday. Reggie was a big mouth and more players disliked than liked him. I remember Munson getting pissed for Reggie saying that he, (Jackson) was the ‘straw that stirred the drink’, when playing for the Yankees. I’m a long time
    Red Sox fan and I remember when Reggie got pulled from right field at Fenway Park by Billy Martin for not hustling. Yogi Berra had to hold Martin back from kicking Reggie’s ass in the dugout in full view of a national audience! LOL!!! Don’t forget that Mike Epstein kicked Reggie’s ass and would have killed him had not Gene Tenace broken up the fight.


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