Rollie Fingers and random thoughts.

I think Rollie’s neck is talking to me.

Yankees fans are the new defrauders and ballot box stuffers of the idiotic All Star Game fan voting system (hello Royals fans!) by voting their entire infield into the finals; including 3rd baseman Gio Urshela who I had no idea existed as a baseball player until yesterday. I’m not trying to say I have a busy life of wine, women and tropical beaches or anything of that sort, but the day that I make a mental note of a career .249 hitter that the Indians and Blue Jays threw in the dumpster is the day that I enter the attic with a noose in hand. (Oh, wait. I just did.) Why don’t we all just give up now and have the All Star game be a contest between the Yankees and Mike Trout vs. the National League!?

Isn’t it time that the A’s sent down Lou Trivino and his solid 5.00 ERA? Every time he enters a game I immediately turn off the television knowing that the game is lost and that I probably have something better to do; namely watch Neil Tyson DeGrasse talk about how humanity is more than likely a simulation created by a “snot nosed kid in his parent’s basement.” Goddamn, these aliens are hyper-advanced! Which begs the questions: Do the Athletics care about their sponsors? How many potential viewers are the Athletics losing when Trivino steps on the mound? Are the aliens the least bit concerned about Trivino’s WHIP?

4 thoughts on “Rollie Fingers and random thoughts.

  1. stevecontursi

    Gio Urshela did come out of nowhere. It’s fortunate for the Yankees he did. Watching games regularly, I can assure you he is worth All-Star consideration, especially given the competition. Enjoyed the read.

  2. Jennifer Halligan

    You are hilarious! May as well be Trout plus Yankees and it might (Gio Urshela aside .. ) end up an AL victory. (And if it helps I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE IS! Maybe like Phegley is ACTUALLY HAVING A YEAR but expecting any old bored moron to be paying attn to a career .225 (Phegley) or even slugger who keeps hitting .247 in Oakland is just assinine. Even the stupid lame ass gnats dont pay attn or they definitely would never have signed Zito, as just one example – they only saw a handful of words that can’t even make up a sentence … they saw CY Young/All-Star and sorta decent 1st half in 06 leads Zito to all star game and … they must have stopped there because they seemed to forget about 2004-2005 & the latter halves of 03 and 06! If anyone paid attn nobody wouldve paid that much for Zito! And the Yankees would never have traded for Sonny Gray! Their flaws were obvious to us bc we watched and went to like every game but after 02 all I can think of when I think of the youngest of is sitting there with my mom and us both The Big Three! is tenuously sitting and watching as hed warm up, “will we win? I guess it depends (& we know by the end of the 1st, 2nd at the latest) on if Zito can locate and throw his curve 4 K’s. If not … doom was shortly to ensue. If the Yankees or the Reds or anyone for that matter watched Sonny post 2015, I finished in the top 3 in the Cy Young voting while on a crappy team – which appears to be all the – and it’s likely unless Chappy earns the title – greatest player – maybe ever – aspires to. Mike Trout staying w/LAS was baffling. Does he realize the number of MVP votes they’ve cost him by being shitty? Id go with every year of his career except for the yr – his rookie season I believe – maybe soph?And that was bc Miguel Cabrerra hit 4 the Triple Crown … And great history to witness! Sure being comfy in LAA is fine for a guy like Gio Urshela but its no place for Mike Trout. Sorru but what an idiot. I know he is a great guy and quiet and all that but with free agency within his grasp was great up until then. He pitched a 2-hit – i wouldve run uncontrollably forvtge hills and maybe even take less to play for Tamps or whatever to get the fuck outta Anaheim … He might ne THE GREATESR EVER but if no one but some BBWAA members were in charge of the All-Star Game To have fans think they might coutnt and I almist nord $/shutout in the first game I ever saw at Dodger Stadium! And he was great vs. Verlsander in the 2013 ALDS. Not great enough but he IS Justin Verlander and he is one of the greatest – even after those like 2 yrs when he was injured & everyone expected him to come tumbling down esp behind Kershaw – he returned as the Justin Verlander of old and Kershaw just seems to be getting old! LOL! Ya know he’s not super human but Verlander has yet to convince me that it isnt a possibility. Anyway, bottom line … As any real A’s fan can almost understand – being “Mike Trout!” – isnt gonna make every dumb kid with a computer stop voting for every player on their favorite team like a mindless add nor will it (& this is unfortunate) make them stop randomly deciding they are a sports writer. I would bet that even if Oak win another 3 straight WS people might .. might know who Semien is … or whatever…. it’s way better to be elected by your peers than a bunch of people who were also super bright and voted for a literally mentally challenged ego maniac to hold office as our “supposed” but NOT MINE! – “leader” or crininal bigoted douchebag wanna be dictator . Whatever works for ya they equal 110% on the moron scale . .. I think we’re playing great ball right now, whatever happens happens, but the 2nd WC team ending up winning the WS (yep! That IS me waving at u SF!) is an ex of one of one of the games worst flaws do more fans engage … maybe. But does a mediocre team that plays one month of good ball and ending up Champions render the accomplishments of the regular season moot? Id say yes! Even as the original 1st WC has helped the A’s – they prob ended up where they should’ve – home watching. I dont even know … Im rambling but voting by the fans is stupid bc 1/2 arent even actual fans … Ugh… sorry apparently I needed to vent about … well, almost everything!


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