I don’t really care if baseball comes back in 2020

He came out of nowhere!

These are paradoxical times that would make George Orwell sit up in his grave and vomit from exhaustion. A man, George Floyd, was murdered by police officers and a city is burning. Donald Trump, meanwhile, only seems upset by the fact that he is being censored by a social media app that took away his platform to blather daily with diabolical malicious intent. I really don’t give a shit if baseball comes back in 2020 at this point in time by virtue of the lying, cheating and money bickering that doesn’t seem inclusive to politics or an average earth dweller’s daily social life.


Greedy BILLIONAIRES (and specifically Oakland A’s owner John Fisher) are refusing to take care of their investments in the minor leagues, most of whom were living hand to mouth. There is an almost schizophrenic pathology in this country that must be addressed before grown men with sticks try to hit a ball and pat each other on the ass. And do we (I’m assuming my readers are vastly working class) really care if the rich get richer as we chase our own tails? Are we not just a clump of self-satisfied, fog shrouded, entitled little shits who cling to technology and the almighty dollar as we regress to the primordial ooze of ethics as a species? You can only take so much before you throw up your hands and say, “enough!” I’ve heard that age deepens all feelings, and I can’t argue with that statement as I have never been more sickened by the actions of this country’s citizens and politicians (left and right) in all of my days.


It’s all about the small things in life and I could only cherish the moment, albeit for mere minutes, as I found a can of Lysol on the shelf at my local drug store. I am officially voting this single, arbitrary can as MVP of the Oakland A’s in 2020: may he forever live in the heart and minds of fans as one of the greatest to ever wear the green and gold.

9 thoughts on “I don’t really care if baseball comes back in 2020

  1. retrodee

    I think this year baseball would not be even close to the same if it does come back. There’s too much else going on. It’s just a shame how this year turned out right down to missing out on America’s Favorite Pastime, but that’s just how the times are right now– kinda bleak. I definitely miss it, though. It’s usually the highlight of my summer and the only sport I like!

  2. badfinger20 (Max)

    This is the first year I have not read about baseball since 1988…I can’t get interested in any sports. When this started I watched old games on youtube but that lost it’s pleasure. But I have to say…I do miss the game…not the owners or players…but the game itself. The game is perfect…just not the operators of it or the world around it.

    I can’t say I will not watch because I know I will. I won’t watch the NFL but that doesn’t take any will power.

  3. LATunnicliffe

    I’m not a baseball fan, but I do like your writing here. I can feel your frustration and having read an earlier post I can imagine a sense of loss for the anticipation of the season and the joy of wanting to go to and watch the games.

    This is a tough year, one might expect that Godzilla will come up out of the ocean and tear us a new one at this point, in California though it’s probably fires.

    I don’t know what the future holds for us, if anything. But I do hope that this will cycle and we will be able to find things that make us happy, or that we enjoy again – even if only for a few hours now and then. I hope you get your joy back (Although what gives us joy in six months or a year, might be very different than it was).

    I agree on the Donald, and the greed, the insanity of owners and big money. Whatever happens, we are definitely changed after THIS cycle in the presidency. Fingers crossed it won’t be another four years of the Tangerine Toddler.

  4. Corkywk

    I feel your frustrations Gary. Millionaire ball players vs Billionaire owners while the whole world’s going to shit! As for Tyrant Trump — I just defecated all over his name in my last post. And You know what? I feel better now!

  5. gracelovera

    Loved this post. I will miss going to Boise Hawks games this year and listening to real time minor/major league on the radio ever single day that I can. Everything going on in this country truly is more important than Baseball right now. Especially knowing everything swirls around profit. Cheers to good writing though, and to Lysol, and hopefully to baseball games in the future.

    Xo Grace


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