Giants continue to pilfer bandwagon fans.

“We tend to think of true fandom as a virtue and of bandwagon jumping as a vice. But why? What’s so great about parking suckspulling for a team even when it does poorly? And what’s so bad about pulling for a team even when it does well? Humans rightly value loyalty. Being a loyal friend means being a friend even in bad times. Fair-weathered fans are like fair-weathered friends. They display a culpable lack of fidelity. Conversely, one who exhibits genuine fan-hood displays the same exact virtue of a good friend. For the good friend has a reasonable hope and expectation that the friend to whom he/she is being faithful to in the tough times would do the same for them.”–Thomas D. Senor

I despise the Giants. It isn’t the panda hats and the Disney-fication of baseball. It isn’t the fact that their two biggest stars, Willie Mays and Barry Bonds are self entitled assholes that simply played a boy’s game well. It isn’t even the obnoxious, loudmouthed selfie-taking “fans” who couldn’t tell you why you would want to hit a ball to the right side of the infield with a man on second if their lives depended on it.

These same fans use the Giants World Series victories as a sort of personal bourgeois self-vindication. (“We live in San Francisco, a world-class city…Oakland sucks,” whether they be educated and wealthy or not–a typical, though not uniquely American way of using group-thought as a facade of wealth.) This self-vindication has led these rubes to some serious deep-rooted racist and classism issues–seeing Dodger Stadium or the Coliseum as “dangerous” and “full of gangsters” read: blacks and Latinos, while ignoring the multiple murders and beat downs that have happened outside of Pac Bell, which are strangely swept under the rug. Baseball is a business, but it’s one made possible by the illusion that each of us has a personal connection to their team and its place. Apparently, this “illusion” has made some fans blind…and, according to the photo above, much more poverty-stricken as well.

Rollie Fingers riding a dolphin and other random thoughts.


Yes, he rides dolphins.

Most of the Athletics sights in internet-land played the typical baseball writing game of follow the leader and were frothing at the mouth at the signing of Barry Zito. We here at the ‘Fro, however, felt a keen sense of bafflement and confusion. Zito, A) didn’t play last year and B) had ERA’s of 4.03, 4.15, 5.87, 4.15 and 5.74 his last 5 seasons. To put it bluntly–he sucked. 

And as much as we admire Charlie O. Finley and Bill Veeck for their “circus like” candor, I just didn’t see Billy Beane, the paradigm of rational thought, as nostalgic, a clown-enabler or the type to give into Zito’s sense of entitlement to waste a Spring Training spot that a young player could desperately need to further his career. Zito, although once an Athletic, had erased any positive emotion from my mind when he signed with the Giants–all but stoking provincial animosities and spitting in Oakland’s face. Due to popular belief, emotions still exist in baseball, although the numbers-crunchers would tell you otherwise. They try to rationalize the signing with  “low risk-medium return” hyperbole to the point of vomit inducing fervor, all but erasing the “gut feeling” that made Earl Weaver so successful. Perhaps the Athletics would have been better off using the 1 million they gave Zito to hire some people who actually NEEDED the money to help promote and to get “fringe fans” to buy tickets. It is common knowledge that their promotional representation in the Bay Area is a mockery to the fan base that is consistently criticized in the media for lack of support….

Jason Giambi retired, finally ending his reign as a PED user, MVP, lovable lug, Yankee, douchbag, party boy, laughing stock of New York and finally, grizzled, useless DH. (The above sentence bringing to light Tina Turner’s “We don’t need another hero” in my synapse hell.) Oddly enough, Giambi was quoted as saying, “I’ve done everything I can in my career.” Touche, Jason. In the end Giambi was seen as sort of a rascal despite his Yankee short-comings…and I’ve always had a soft spot for rascals…what would life be without them? Now Giambi can finally experience what other baseball retirees had to go through– the life of an Average (albeit wealthy) Joe, where no one knows who you are and no one cares until you show up at a fan-fest or baseball card show in a lonely, trash strewn strip mall. Good luck, Jason.

Billy Beane pundits are ruling the media these days…my argument against their stupidity.

Billy Beane (1989 A's) 2

Feeling the heat.

By Colonel Harland Sanders

Process over results every time. All. The. Time. Process is how you sustain success. Process is how you give yourself the best odds to avoid baseball being “stupid.” It’s how you become the horrible, awful, infuriating (if you’re not from St. Louis) Cardinals. This is not to say sabermetrics are always right. Actually nobody EVER says that except for people complaining about advanced stats who seem to rest their entire argument on that particular straw man. Advanced metrics simply improve your odds and give you a better chance.

The really crazy thing to me is that this isn’t specific to sports, but it seems to be the only place where people think it’s a bad thing. Let’s say you went to the doctor because you were sick and were given 2 options; a treatment that’s been around for 20 years that is supported by all of the research and gives you an excellent chance, or a medical technique that was popular in the 50’s but has since been shown to be flawed. Would anybody pick the treatment that gives them worse odds just because that’s how “old school” doctors would have done it? Of course not! And if for some reason, you did pick the statistically flawed and it worked…that doesn’t mean you made a smart decision, it means you got lucky.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am genuinely thrilled for Royals fans. They deserved this win!* but you know who didn’t deserve this win? Ned Yost. Dayton Moore. They made poor decisions and were rewarded with dumb luck. Their victory doesn’t change that.

*you know who DIDN’T deserve that heartbreaking loss? A’s fans. These people support a club that has been trying to leave town for years. It has a crap payroll. It has a dilapidated stadium. They have lost every do-or-die game they’ve played in this millennium (0-7). And they lost the Wild Card game LIKE THAT? In a season where they really went all in? Yuck.

Haters gonna Hate.

bmoW3ZjThis post is just a reminder of all the “fun” that some readers of this blog are missing on the Facebook page. These are just a few of the nasty comments I receive daily from mostly *cough* Giants fans.  (After bringing up the fact that Giants owners are treating territorial rights over San Jose like they were bestowed to them at birth. The truth is, former A’s owner Walter Haas gave the Giants ownership rights of Santa Clara County when it appeared that the team might move to Florida. He felt it was in the best interests of baseball (not his wallet) to have two teams in the Bay Area.) All the misspellings were left as-is so you could enjoy the comments in their most pristine form of expression.



***Wow really relevant going back 25 years to make a point. It must suck always being #2 behind the giants if you have to go that far back. Try to win a world championship sometime this decade then run your bitch ass mouth. By the way the team that last one a title for you was all roided up. They were called the bash brothers cause they bashed each other in the ass with needles. Kiss our more recent rings you little bitch
your the reason why the a’s and their so called fans are a joke in the bay. Get a life you queer. So what if I’m on a a’s page I like to laugh at all the stupid shit you don’t know. Plus I’m standing up for my homie who made you look stupid and you went and became a little bitch and banned him. This has nothing to do with my name or profession so that shit ain’t fading me. This is about you Brian a bitch ass a’s fan that don’t know shit and runs and hides when he can’t take a beating from real fans that have rings from the 2000’s. Keep hating you punk ass bitch. No skin off my balls that by the way were in your moms mouth last night

***You are an embarrassment to As fans. Your crude comments just show how unintelligent you are. They have no substance rooted in actual knowledge of baseball. This is Facebook and your picture and comments are circulated on more than just As fans news feeds. I did not seek this page out. Dont flatter yourself. Btw Coco cut his afro….bye Felicia

***Does anyone remember the Giants fans of Candlestick Park? You almost had to sign a waiver if you bought bleacher tickets because there undoubtedly would be a fight at least twice a game. The Park sucked and the fans were a bunch of hippies and deadbeats.funny a's fan! Look at the Giants and their fan base now and you wouldn’t even know it was the same team. But that’s not what bothers me. What I find offensive is that If you asked the current crop of fans, they’d act as if those fans never existed; that the Giants of today and PacBell Park, with is aristocratic food menu and fascist ushers, have always been the image of the Giants organization. This is typical SF limousine liberalism that disavows its past if that past is ugly.

*** They are having an amazing season for a team of relative nobody’s. still plenty of baseball left for them to sputter out and choke. One last quick thing…. How many A’s players are all stars this year and last year? What’s that, close to none? Ooooops. Great fans over there in the war zone called Oakland.

***oh please…are you finished…since when does anybodys fan base get up on theyre collective feet and start chanting after losing…don’t you forget coco the giants are still the world champions stick that in your big mouthed chant and smoke it..since when did the a’s turn into a bunch of fucking wonder you choke at the end of the year..good luck losing

***Although Donald Sterling and Michael Sam make for good human interest stories, it’s important to remember that basketball and football are games designed for children, and all sports are irrelevant.