Watch out Josh Reddick! Joe Rudi was the original Spiderman.


1969 Topps

I was elated to receive this personalized autograph in the mail on this fine, sunny day in October; and since the once- promising now rotten-in-retrospect season is over for the Oakland ball-club, I thought that this would be a perfect time for a short look back at Joe Rudi’s career.

Joe Rudi was the left fielder for the A’s World Series champions from ’72-’74, and most popularly noted for his amazing Spiderman–like catch in game 2 of the ’72 series versus the Cincinnati Reds that explicitly saved the game for his team. Rudi spent 16 years in the big leagues, hitting .264 with 1,468 hits, 179 home runs and 810 RBI. He was an All-Star three times and thrice a Gold Glover, he also twice finished second in MVP voting. (losing to Dick Allen and Jeff Burroughs respectively.) Rudi had quite a bit of postseason experience, and though he wasn’t stellar overall–his career batting average in the playoffs was .257–he did have some moments of brilliance. In the 1973 World Series, for example, he hit .333 with nine hits, two doubles, three walks, three runs scored and four RBI. In the next year’s World Series, he hit .333 with six hits, one home run and four RBI. Joe will always be remembered as a fine player on a great team, and a way above average defender who waved a solid stick.



Dave Henderson has always been one of my favorite players and is one of the best TTM (through the mail) signers on the planet! His son suffers from a rare genetic disorder, and he humbly asks that you donate 3-5 dollars for his autograph to the ANGELMAN SYNDROME FOUNDATION. If you would like to write Dave for an autograph his address is: Dave Henderson, 2213 Halleck Ave SW, Seattle, Wa. 98116. Thanks Dave for being classy and always looking out for your fans! Oh, and don’t forget to include a self addressed stamped envelope.


“catfish” R.I.P.

I’ve been collecting autographs through the mail since I was a kid, and this past year started the unenviable task of trying to collect the autographs of the entire 1969 Oakland A’s team. These players are long retired and generally sign a lot quicker than your modern day MLB player. Obviously, some of these players are no longer with us, so if anyone has one of these autographed cards lying around, i would be willing to trade/buy it. email: and of course, if you need any of these addresses, please feel free to email as well.

#27 Lew Krauss (signed, 1 week)
#44 Danny Cater (signed, 1 week)
#60 Dave Duncan (received, 2 weeks)
#105 Rick Monday (hit or miss ttm signer, sent a request, no answer)
#124 Hank Bauer (oakland manager died from lung cancer in 2007, need)
#143 Joe Nossek (signed, 6 days)
#195 John “Bluemoon” Odom (signed 10 days, also sent a letter stating he would charge 5 dollars from now on)
#217 John Donaldson (signed, 6 days)
#235 Jim “Catfish” Hunter (HOF pitcher died from lou gehrig’s disease in 1999, need)
#260 Reggie Jackson (tricky one since his rookie card is in the 200 dollar range and he also charges 50 bucks for an autograph)
#281 Ted Kubiak (signed, 6 days)
#302 Jim Pagliaroni (died from Lou Gehrig’s disease 2010, need)
#334 Phil Roof (Catfish Hunter’s favorite catcher,signed, 6 days)
#358 Rookie Stars Lauzerique, Rodriquez (can’t find any info on these players, help!)
#371 Sal Bando (was excited to get this one from the A’s great, signed, 2 weeks)
#397 Chuck Dobson (received 6 months)
#423 Bert Campaneris All Star (received, i month)
#467 Tom Reynolds (signed, 1 week)
#495 Bert Campaneris (signed, 11 days, was very happy with this one!!)
#515 Dick Green (signed, 1 week)
#546 Jim Nash (signed, personalized, 1 week)
#556 A’s All Stars Bando, Campaneris, Cater (pending)
#587 Joe Rudi (it’s been 6 months and no answer))
#597 Rollie Fingers (the HOF pitcher’s rookie card, charges 20 bucks a sig, need, pending)
#618 Ramon Webster (this slugging first baseman from Panama fell off the face of the earth, info?)
#638 Ed Sprague Sr. (signed, 1 week)
#655 Mike Hershberger (died following brief illness, need)