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Be nice to your pizza delivery guy!!!!

For those of you who aren’t A’s fans, catcher Bruce Maxwell was arrested this off-season after a delivery driver told the police a highly intoxicated Maxwell answered the door by pointing a gun to her face. Maxwell was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct. That being said, I decided to interview a pizza delivery guy in order to figure out the typical responses when knocking on a strangers door:

The customers are generally cool but you have your fair share of lousy tippers and total assholes. There is always the thought in the back of my mind about the guys, a few years back, who called the delivery guy from an abandoned house and then killed him. Sometimes it takes forever on the phone to figure out what stoners want; when we start listing off the toppings we’ve got, they keep asking if they could get, like, Fritos or sandwiches on the pizza. Plus, there are always a ton of calls on hold, and we can get pretty stressed trying to get their order and move on to the next caller. Sadly, for millions of pizzas, interaction with non-stoned humans is simply not an option. Sometimes the customers further complicate things by making five phone made to the pizzeria to inquire about the status of their pizza. I’m like, dude, just chill, your pizza will be there any sec.'”

It’s my co-workers, not the company, that makes me feel appreciated.  They greet me when I come back from runs, they say thank you often and ask how me how I feel. Generally they treat me like a person and not a robot that delivers pizza. I think they’re fully aware that it’s a choice for me to be there.