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Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui and his porn collection

"fake" 1984 Fleer card

“fake” 1984 Fleer card

“Remaining open to considering radically different interpretations allows for more corners of the “truth” to emerge”

     Hideki Matsui was a legend in Japan, hitting 332 homers before even stepping on U.S. soil. He joined the A’s before the 2011 season and I wasn’t so much thrilled as intrigued. I knew his skills were diminished, but his celebrity as a Yankee (and World Series M.V.P.) was something the A’s needed at the time. He even had his own little fan club who would sit in the right field bleachers and chant every time he came to bat. My friends were less than impressed by his batting (17 HR’s), slow-footed old man like fielding and weren’t shy about verbalizing it.

Matsui retired during the 2012 season after logging 95 AB’s. The man with the bad skin (how he acquired his nick-name) and the absolutely MASSIVE porn collection (55,00o tapes!) was retiring. When I first found out about this collection I was mystified at first, then kind of grossed out as Japanese porn is a little on the debauched side and appeals more to the fetishistic. There is bukkake, in which multiple men ejaculate on a woman (or man) and there is also the painful (I assume) tamakeri, in which a woman kicks, knees, punches, grabs, twists, bites or cuts a man’s testicles. ouch! You go, boy! Although he didn’t impress me on the field, and was ALWAYS a Yankee in my eyes, Matsui was a likable enough player and I wish him luck in retirement.