Spring Training!

“Could you pick up Thai noodles at the store?” she asked while absentmindedly fixing her hair and periodically snapping the panties out of her ass. 

She lives on the 3rd floor in an old building with elegantly crumbling plaster and no elevator. I would have to walk six flights and ten blocks. Then there would also be the obligatory chit-chat with the stock boy about semi-obscure bands that had mostly deceased members. Of course, I would have to stare at the cereal, in a daze, for about 5 minutes before making the “mature” decision and buying one with less sugar. 

“Is it dire now? Spring Training started today and I just wanted to catch a few innings.”

(I was interested in seeing how the new, extra large, clown-car bases affected the game)

“It’s just that I’m really craving Thai curry.”

She was listening to French Caribbean music which was making me feel euphoric with its bouncy, tropical vibe. En Fuego. The record was horribly scratched so I assumed she picked it up secondhand. 

“I understand completely, it’s just that I’m taking a sabbatical from your taste buds for about an hour…or a few innings.” 

I loved her because she was this and that and a million other euphemisms, but the current situation, as Elvis would say, “needs a little less conversation.” 

Oh yeah, A’s beat the Snakes 12-7.


Mark over at Retro Simba, ever the generous spirit, sent me some more cardboard gems in the mail. What a guy! There were some vintage cards mixed in with some modern-day players–some of which with the 1973 borders. I’m excited to send out the Dick Green (doesn’t that sound like the effects of an STD?) to be autographed. There were some Rickeys, Carney Lansfords, Dave Stewarts, Terry Steinbachs, and even a Reggie Jackson KMart card. (Man, I used to love those slushies from KMart.) The 1973 team card that was included is hanging on my wall at this very moment. I love that card.

These cards conjure up so much nostalgia and give me the butterfly feels in my stomach…so thank you, Mark. I will always cherish these little pieces of my past.


19 thoughts on “Spring Training!

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Those 70’s teams are certainly beloved. I think Homer Simpson said his favorite team of all time was the 72 A’s. Thanks for stopping by Paul…come by again sometime.

  1. retrosimba

    Your story has me dreaming of finding an island baseball game where the spectators sit in lawn chairs, sampling Thai curry and listening to French Caribbean music, and kids get to take their pick of free baseball cards from shoe boxes left near each dugout.

  2. TheMightierPen2021!

    There’s something about those little pieces of cardboard that are still so endearing to me. I still buy the wax packs, although they are sealed in plastic celophane now to assemble my yearly sets. It’s still a thrill…

  3. Steve Myers

    Thai noodles, a babe, spring training, and baseball cards!I like that combination and those 70’s cards are a bridge back to when we first discovered baseball. Kinda blends it all together, past, present, future.

  4. J-Dub

    I’d forgotten about the Kmart cards, but do you remember the cards that used to come on the bottoms of Hostess Twinkies boxes? For some reason, it seemed like 70% of them were Dan Driessen.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Haha…I remember a bunch of “cards on a box” products. You’d be trading with friends and wondering why certain cards they had were blank on the backs. Do you remember the round Slurpee cards?

  5. Badfinger (Max)

    I had the entire 77 and 78 Topps when I was a kid…about 20 of Eddie Murray’s rookie cards…a mice enjoyed most of them all for a quick lunch.

    PS…I hate Manfred…I mean hate. Some people don’t mind but I hate the “ghost runners” (something we would have in whiffe ball) and the pitcher’s clock

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      That mouse desroyed your retirement plan Max! Well, not really but they ARE going from roughly 40 to 100 dollars on ebay.I even found one for 25 that looks suspiciously like a re-print. Yikes.

  6. girlinsuspenders

    You always make me laugh. I wonder if Mr. Green’s parents gave him that name as a cruel joke. Reminds me of the race car driver, Dick Trickle. Not sure which is worse. Both sound uncomfortable. Write more! I love seeing you in my inbox.

  7. Bruce @ walkingoffthechessboard

    The A’s of the early 70’s were my baseball obsession, and remain near and dear to my heart. My one regret is when my aunt and uncle lived near Oakland, I never got out to visit and take in an A’s game before the uglied-up the stadium. As much as I want to turn my back on the franchise because of the ongoing new stadium struggle, I still keep up on A’s news and results.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Bruce. They were me and my grandpa’s team, so now that he’s gone I’m the only one left holding the flag. To put it simply: I love the A’s. Also, I’m thinking they may surprise a few people this year so keep an eye on them.


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