Summer 2009

We lounged almost daily on Santa Monica Beach, preferably on the less touristy north end of the pier, and we more or less happily stayed on our small, lapis-blue viewing parcel in this big, enigmatic galaxy of a city. What I remember from that summer is that she would always fall asleep around 3, a little tipsy, gliding carelessly from an imagined world into the subconscious one with a paperback on her face in a dreamy malaise. I could be wrong, of course, because memory has a way of outstripping reality, but before me is a scene that is somewhat framed and ready to bring to light.

When I begin liking someone I suddenly become concerned and aware of the mushiness effects of my words, she said, and it’s bad luck to whisper that you’re happy. That club last night was too dark. I bet it was to hide the seediness and the shit on the floors, although I suppose it makes people look more attractive if you can barely see them.

It wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to slide into fragmented speeches without the slightest indication of topic change or beat of silence–it was as if she needed to blurt it out before it was forgotten forever. She was also very modern, which is to say a whip-smart, curious, and handsome bottle-blonde who embraced quasi-mysticism as a form of rebellion against technological overload and a generally uncaring world. Her psyche was thoroughly more contemporary than mine–awash in magical thinking and new-agey nonsense without a hint of cynicism, whereas mine was sober-minded and open to hard truths. The makings of an impractical, doomed relationship.

She was lying on her stomach and clinging to the revolving earth on the day I fell in love, assumably because she got the high score on the Mrs. PacMan machine tucked away in the very back of the costly Mexican restaurant (amongst ogling busboys who made off-color jokes about gueros.) at the very back end of the funky-smelling pier–even though I probably shouldn’t have given in so easily. She bought me a newspaper because I love the texture of the archaic things people derive pleasure from but never talk about. The newspaper told me that a baseball team had drafted Grant Green, passing up the modern-day Mickey Mantle whose name pays homage to an oily fish that grizzly bears love to bite the heads off of and is particularly tasty with garlic butter. It certainly didn’t seem odd at the time.


13 thoughts on “Summer 2009

  1. retrosimba

    Thanks for sharing that scene and that memory, Gary. It was as if you transported the reader along with you to that place and time. Quite a skill. Well done.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Thanks, Alex. The novel is sort of tricky because you need agents, representation, connections, etc. I’d probably have a better shot at getting a record contract in a shitty rock and roll band!

      Thanks for commenting and stopping by once again. I read and enjoy your blog as well.

  2. staff writer

    Andy from here. First off, thanks for liking my post. I can give esoteric facts. You can write!! Truly good stuff here. Thanks let’s stay in touch.

  3. cheaphill44

    Grant Green–a species of player I’ve never understood: the 6′-3″ slap hitter. Going back a few years there was Joe Simpson at 6′-3″ with his nine career homers in nine years. Unless you’re Willie Wilson and also steal around 700 bases, you shouldn’t be able to get away with hitting only 40 or so homers over a 19-year career if you’re 6′ 3″. With the devaluation of the stolen base and the premium on the long ball, I’m not sure Wilson would last 19 seasons today…and I’m probably fine with that.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Not sure I agree , Hugh. The A’s would love a player like Willie Wilson in our lineup. Have you seen us play lately!? We’ve got the likes of Tony Kemp and Sheldon Neuse in out lineup everyday. And ol’ Willie has 500 more career hits than supposed HOFer Buster Posey!!! (not in my eyes he isn’t) Hahahaha.
      Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your comments. I’ve been watching a Braves game here and there to root for my guy Matt Olson and you guys got a pretty darn good team. I’m looking forward to another potential Dodgers/Braves clash in the playoffs.


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