My Corona

“My, my, my, my Corona.” –sang in the vocal stylings of the Knack’s “My Sharona.”

These are fantastical times. This Corona virus has run the full gamut and has completely taken over my life. I’ve been washing my hands upwards of 30 times a day, and like everything else that becomes an obsession in my life, it is imperative that I know every single detail about the origins and life of this villain. Listening to NPR and reading the NY Times has been vital in comprehensive avoidance and genuine insight to this fiend. This is a time of high anxiety.

All of the major sports have been cancelled and college and high school students have been sent home. I went to the library today and it was all but deserted, the only homeless person within eye-shot was wearing a mask. I went to the grocery store to stock up on food as to not leave the house for at least a few days. We are all pariahs, avoiding each other at all costs and giving anyone a side glance if they so much as come within 3 feet of you.

Whatever you do…don’t. touch. your. face. Donald Trump, notoriously obsessed with germs refuses to shake anyone’s hand, as does anyone in this time of trial. I listened to Trump’s presidential briefing (for the first time in his term) and his bravado and positivity seemed like more posturing even though he called for a national emergency in what can be seen as a hushed tone. After a carousel of “geniuses” were paraded on the mic (each one talking an average of 45 seconds, and included a representative from CVS) VP Mike Pence didn’t hesitate to put Trump on a pedestal in an embarrassing display of window dressing obviously written by someone who understands the President’s psyche. There were many hollow slogans of strength, patriotism and resilience in a fairly standardized ending.

I feel better already. (eyeroll) Let us not forget that Trump once downsized this virus comparing it to the flu and even went so far as to call it a “democratic hoax.” It seems to me that we as the people are going to have to fight this together by learning as much as we can about this virus with our elected officials having very little credibility or competence. Good luck to the readers of this blog and to us all, and as Tom Hanks famously said, “There is no crying in baseball.”

8 thoughts on “My Corona

  1. rdfranciswriter

    Gary, in times such as these, you need humor to see it through. And you knocked it out of the park. I laughed out loud. Simply brilliant. That cover with Sharona wearing the mask!!! And Bob and Tom (syndicated radio program) thought parodying AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap” as “Dirty Hands, Must Come Clean” was a masterstroke.

    As always: thanks for visiting the site and taking the time to read the movie reviews and “linking” them. Very much appreciated. Hold tight, stay well.

  2. Corkywk

    Good stuff as usual Gary. I’m going bonkers with no sports highlights to start my day. “Why are you so grumpy in the mornings now” she asks? “I’m not” I say “And mind your own friggin business!”
    I’m also waiting for your take on the Red Sox cheating scandal? Apparently MLB has finished their inquiry and the verdict is in, yet — no official declaration? Perhaps shady deals being made behind closed doors? What? — In Baseball?

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      The Red Sox were sort of swept under the rug as there were no official reprimands from Rob Manfred and little was reported. Besides, hating on the Astros is so much fun! Thanks for the comment and for checking in.

  3. Steve Myers

    “High anxiety.” I wish this was a nightmare we could all wake up from, but from what I gather, this could go on for a few more weeks, maybe months. Maybe we’ll get used to it? Good Luck Gary. Stay safe!

  4. ThinkTalk

    Coco Crisp’s Afro
    Thanks for liking my blog on “From Rodney King to George Floyd.” You were the only “like” that I got and that’s good for/with me. Still new to blogging.
    Good point on Corona. Wish I knew more about baseball though – I rarely watch it. Maybe your blog can help me some.
    Keep blogging … Peace.


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