Mike Piazza sounds off on all the young whipper snappers

Prefers the heavy metal over the hippity hop.

The following was taken from Mike Piazza’s autobiography, “Long Shot.”

…I wouldn’t have felt (my age) at all if the music in the clubhouse weren’t hurting my ears the way it did. When it comes to music I feel like I’m as open-minded as anybody out there, but (the A’s) had a young roster and, well, man. I like rap just fine–hell, I was wearing gold chains back when Olivia Newton-John was getting physical–if it’s classic rap, or even the new stuff when there’s a strong rhythm to it. As a thrash-metal guy from way back, I feel like I can handle some rough language and graphic lyrics; but some of the more contemporary rap is so blatantly hard-core that even an old Slayer and Anthrax man like me has a tough time dealing with it. I guess it’s a matter of age and tradition both. You have to understand, I came up with the Dodgers when the stadium music consisted exclusively of Nancy Bea Hefley at the organ. When that was cutback to modernize the atmosphere–to make the ballpark sound like every other ballpark–they turned to entrance music, with each player picking a theme song. With the Mets, I recall Tony Tarasco coming to the plate to an X–rated, in your face rap number that had the whole stadium sounding like a bad-ass clubhouse.

Can’t say I cared for that.

5 thoughts on “Mike Piazza sounds off on all the young whipper snappers

  1. FTB1(SS)

    I’m right there with him… some Run-DMC, some Snoop, I’m fine, but this stuff today. What’s even worse is the bubblegum pop where the female singers all sing/talk like they are toddlers. WTF is that about???

  2. Jason M.

    Tarasco came to the plate to Bob Marley. Jay Payton is the guy who walked up to DMX. Piazza couldn’t tell Tarasco from Jay Payton.

    Which is entirely the problem with his book. It’s Angry Old Right Wing complaining about starving Dominicans who didn’t speak English in winter league, and naming every player who ever spiked him sliding into home plate, and calling out minority players in the Dodgers clubhouse (Rather than, you know, being a leader and trying to bring everyone together).

    Stupid, ill-informed guy. Who could rake at the plate. But stupid.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Yeah, Piazza grew up privileged so the angry, right wing thing doesn’t surprise me. My problem was his induction into the HOF after all the steroid rumors yet no one batted an eye.


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