The Oakland A’s and their June swoon.

june swoonI had what can be called a perfect summer evening last night: I watched Star Wars on a 60 foot screen on top of a 6 story building with the stars twinkling brightly above while drinking a wicked batch of sauvignon blanc.

These are the kind of nights that summer is supposed to represent: everyone is dressed casually and comfortably as they enjoyed a night out with friends and family and no cares in the world at that moment. After the movie my acquaintance and I returned to her house for some champagne and a light snack of falafel balls. The great ball of fires close vicinity to the Earth couldn’t ruin this perfect evening and perhaps even enlightened it with its creamy layers of cosmic beauty.

We had small talk for a moment about science fiction novels before “the acquaintance” slides in a DVD of Easy Rider and comments, “Boy, your baseball team sure does stink this year; it must be difficult to find things to write about on that blog of yours.”
“I’m not hypersensitive to it. Perhaps I’ve even given up–which makes me enjoy watching the fiasco all the more. It’s not as if I’m pulling my hair out; there is a sense of calm in losing. Now I know how Cubs fans felt all those years.”
“I find that hard to believe,” she said as she softly tossed her cat off the couch. “Ughh, don’t ever buy anything that eats.”
“Besides, why would I care so deeply about a bunch of millionaires running around in pajamas when I can think about how insignificant my own life is relative to a world that is filled with injustice?”
“I think a lot of the experience of being an adult is: what am I even complaining about?”
“Exactly. So I can be positive and talk about how Danny Valencia and Khris Davis are absolutely raking this season. And Daniel Mengden is a pretty exciting rookie.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Neither do I,” I said as the opening credits to Easy Rider spread across the screen. I really do like Dennis Hopper in this movie I thought.

6 thoughts on “The Oakland A’s and their June swoon.

  1. Bruce Thiesen

    Right on, Gary. Your night out sounds quite summery. It also seems to quite the SoCal 21st Century way to watch a movie.

    I pull for the A’s and Giants every day of the summer. I listen to the radio broadcasts on the long drive home and flip the TV stations back and forth when I get home. If I’m not watching, the TV screen is on and muted in the background. When the A’s are on (like they were against the Giants) I don’t fully appreciate why they aren’t playing like that consistently. I watch Valencia, Semien, Lowry and Davis and it seems that there’s enough there to light a fire. I know that the pitching injuries and some under-performance is a key thing here, but still it seems that too will come to an end. Mr. Mustache seems to have something going.

    Anyway, the team gets into a slump and it seems endless. One more ending inning double play, another batter getting fooled at the plate, or a 3-up 3-down for the Green and Gold. Nonetheless, it’s only baseball. For me, even with a struggling team, there’s enough there for me. Sitting here in the comforts, I can be one of those 7-inning fans. Turn it off, knowing that I can read about it in the morning. Start another episode of The Wire. A young Dennis Hopper could have had a good role in that gritty Baltimore masterpiece.


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