A’s are stinkier than diarrhea so far this season.

A's suck again 1

This is not very far off from my actual reaction last night . I gave up after 3 innings of internal frustration and outward cursing.

In my opinion the writer is to be seen as a psychedelic trip of sorts: a creator of convincing illusions and bringing forth skeptical truths. There are no illusions here, however, only skeptical truths. “Super rookie” Sean Manaea was absolutely ravaged by the Red Sox last night. Mookie Betts led off with a homer and then Hanley Ramirez hit a bomb over the Green Monster among the menagerie of hits. Manaea skulked off the field after giving up 8 runs in 2.2 innings and at this point in his career doesn’t look ML ready. The A’s starting pitching as an undivided assemblage smells worse than diarrhea on a tin roof during a southern heat wave–and now I’m not sure if the team is going to be a summer respite from the dull and anxious day-to-day that most people call their existence as sentient beings.
I can only take solace in the Zen proverb, “Let go or be dragged.” I stop what I am doing , take a deep breath and ask myself, “What, in this moment, am I demanding?” There is still lots of baseball to be played…it’s only May for chrissake. All this is tumbling through my head as I am walking my dog in the largely Asian neighborhood I live in. Men take walks in the morning wearing suits and old ladies do seemingly useless calisthenics in the park. There are lots of windmills akin to a third base coach waving home a runner while walking backwards and synchronated hand claps. These sort of things drive my dog crazy and he barks at the gray-hairs incessantly while chasing squirrels and crows. I enjoy these morning walks, as does he, and he doesn’t let me forget it as he stares and paws at my face at exactly 7:00 each morning until we hit the pavement. What does all this mean? What am I trying to say?
It’s only May for chrissake.

9 thoughts on “A’s are stinkier than diarrhea so far this season.

  1. keithosaunders

    The start to the 2016 As season reminds me of a lot of similar starts that the Mets got off to in the past decade. They fool you at first into believing that they’re decent, and then, like the mutants in Beneath the Planet of the Apes, they remove their masks and say, “I reveal my true self to you.”

  2. johnbrownson

    This raises the question that does, sometimes, occur to me, in the course of a Baseball season, when things are going sideways for the guys I’ve decided to care about: is it disloyal to take a break for awhile? Is it a commentary on my character if I choose to not pay obsessive attention to the Giants’ pitching problems- at least for a little while? If I’m actually lying in bed with my eyes open, praying to the Baseball Gods that the Giants don’t let Lincecum get away, on the verge of what may be his best season…or not…, is it okay to think of other, more soothing things and go to sleep? Does this make me a bad person, who deserves to drink nothing better than Coor’s Lite for the rest of his life? Clearly, what we fans need is a Priesthood, who can give absolution, but what we have is more like Imams and Rabbis, who can only offer educated opinions when what we need is certainty. I’m afraid that’s going to have to be the job of you, and people like you- whoever you are. Can people still loan me money, buy me drinks- love me, if I pay less attention than I know I should, at least before the All Star Break? I’ll try to carry on, while I wait for your answer. Be kind.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      No…you are absolutely correct. That is the genius of baseball. You can take a break, passively read the box scores and still be immersed. And let’s not beat around the bush here….there are MANY more important things in life than grown men hitting a ball and running around in pajamas.

  3. scontursi

    Not to worry. Even with Seattle’s run of late, the division is still up for grabs. If not, you’re holding on to a treasure in Sonny Gray who is worth at least three – maybe four high level prospects that can crank up the pipeline again.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      I can’t disagree. The only saving grace is that I have a couple of dear friends who are Mariners fans and I would love to see them finally win the WS. The rumors I hear are that Josh Reddick might be the first to be moved. He has been my favorite player so that would be tough. Alas, I root for the name on the front and not the names on the back.

  4. Maria K

    God I love your writing Gary. Sorry about your A’s – at least so far. As you said, it’s only May (which people are also reminding me about the first place O’s). 🙂 Shh. I didn’t say it.


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