The slider was a psychedelic nightmare for Bobby Crosby.

crozz2For the readers of this blog that don’t follow the Athletics closely–Bobby Crosby was a super-stud prospect who was called up to the big club, won Rookie of the Year in 2004, and then just….disappeared. I’m not a huge fan of poetry, but I believe that this one sums up Crosby’s and hundreds of other players careers that have come and gone throughout the decades.  Poem by Sam Yam.


It looks so straight, but ends up slicing
If pitching were a cake, it would be the icing
There’s nothing in the world so enticing
as the slider low and away

It feels like the pitcher is just showing off
I’ve tried to get the runners to tip me off
But however I try I just can’t lay off
of the slider low and away

Fastballs and changeups? I don’t do ’em
Curveballs and sinkers? I eschew ’em
Strikes in general? I say screw ’em
for the slider low and away

They wish that I could hold up and stare
But quite honestly, I just don’t care
Because nothing will end my love affair
with the slider low and away




It looks so easy, but how hard it must be to not swing. So hard.

While Crosby never quite became a reigning baseball sultan,
For a similar case,one need look no further than the Cubs Jerome Walton 😉

Strange, Walton won N.L. ROY in 1989. Coincidence?

What about Walt Weiss? You guys have a bad history of this.

Weiss had a solid career; as did most Oakland short-stops since the 70’s. Hopefully Marcus Semien isn’t another Bobby Crosby.

Who is that Sam I Yam. I like him. And Is Crosby nowadays a hitting coach, bartender? Is he related to Bing? I went wikipedia-ing and no he’s not, related to Bing, that is, but his dad Ed played a similar middle infield back in the erly 70’s and jumping train switchers, Bobby was invited by the Brewers to spring training 2013. I forgot all about that. I guess getting released by the crew was Bobby’s last straw.

I think I read somewhere that Crosby runs a baseball school in S. California. His dad, Ed, got into a little hot water a few years back for criticizing Billy Beane in the media–and as you may or may not know that is like criticizing Caligula in this organization. Josh Donaldson learned the hard way, but I suppose that worked out to his advantage!

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