The namesake of this blog has lost his position.

burns all star rookie As much as we here at The ‘Fro enjoy Coco Crisp and his exciting style of play, it seems as if the Athletics may have found a new center fielder. Every baseball team seems to want to get younger, and it just makes sense to play a 25 year old over a 35 year old with a potential career threatening neck injury and a .044 average. 

Billy Burns is superior to Crisp at EVERYTHING at this point in his career. Crisp had 19 stolen bases in 126 games last year. Burns already has 13. (and this blog  thinks he need to run more!) There is nothing more to convey, baseball fans. This is a no-brainer and a (near) ending to an otherwise great career for the man who once sported a giant afro and punched “Average Game” James Shields.

There has been a bit of controversy lately about Kansas City fans voting in 8 position players for the All Star Game. Kansas City fans have taken it upon themselves be didactic about their “passion” for their team by telling other fans to vote for their own teams and even appalling others by calling it a “popularity contest.” The average baseball fan doesn’t know Lorenzo Cain or Omar Infante from Jean-Paul Sartre, so that is an almost idiotic response to the detractors. As far as “voting” is concerned, all it comes down to is glorified “click-bait” by the MLB brass to get people to go to their website. This is capitalism mzojodisguised as democracy which means only an idiot would sit around making hundreds of fake e-mails in order to sit around pushing a button 35 times (the most you can vote per e-mail) in order to see their favorite player/s in an exhibition game. It all comes down to what cities have the most unemployed/unsophisticated/bored fans.  

I have no problem with the game deciding who has home field advantage because the league used to arbitrarily flip-flop it between leagues before Bud Selig decided to step in and make it just as arbitrary. My question is this–why didn’t K.C. fans vote for the players who deserved it? As a child I would sit in the ballpark during batting practice meticulously punching the paper chads, all the while still voting for the deserving players as I wanted to see an exciting All Star game which didn’t include Mike Gallego starting at second. I’m not saying your average American sports fan is a moron, but then again maybe I am. Alas, even a child had a better sense of democracy and fair play than a bunch of adults with an inferiority complex. Let’s hope commissioner Rob Manfred does what Ford Frick did before the start of the 1957 game. Another boring, Midwestern town, Cincinnati, stuffed the box and had 8 players starting. An investigation launched by Frick found that over half of the ballots cast came from the local newspaper, printing up pre-marked ballots and distributing them with the Sunday edition of the newspaper to make it easy for Reds fans to vote often for their favorite players. Frick then decided to appoint Willie Mays and Hank Aaron in the outfield positions they righteously deserved, all but deeming provincial hubris irrelevant and ultimately outing the so-called “voting democracy” as a farce that still exists today in electronic form. It may have been just as “easy” to stuff the ballot box using paper back in the old days, but having to use a pencil to punch tiny chads seems a whole lot more indicative of “fan loyalty” than spending 25% of a lunch break to exploit a ridiculously low-security voting web site.

10 thoughts on “The namesake of this blog has lost his position.

  1. The Baseball Bloggess

    I think we should just toss it in and join with the Royals voters. Just vote ’em in and be done with it. Let’s give all the other AL players a 4-day break. Chris Davis never recovered his swing after that stupid home run derby 2 seasons ago. Everyone’s banged up and dragging by July, anyway, and the Orioles need a 7-man rotation because their pitchers need more days off to rest up in order to scrape out a 4-2/3 inning start. So, let’s make the Royals work. Everyone else gets a vacation.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Haha! Sounds great in theory as K.C. fans are quickly becoming some of the most annoying in baseball. But, hey, it’s all our bullpen’s fault for blowing that Wild Card game and pumping up their fan-base by 50 percent.

  2. verdun2

    As with you, I have no problem with the KC vote. They gonna let you vote 35 times and do it via a gazillion emails then go to it.
    Sorry about Crisp.

  3. William Miller

    I know I’m probably missing something obvious here, so I apologize in advance, but why does the Topps baseball photo of Billy Burns say Philadelphia Athletics?
    As for the All Star game, I find it weird that there are still baseball fans who care so much about this exhibition game that they would go to all the trouble of voting 35 times each. Then again, never having lived in K.C., this might be the only form of entertainment available to them.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Bill, it’s a custom “vintage” card I made myself.

      Yes, I agree about the All Star game. I think I just have sort of a dislike for Kansas City and their fans. Plus voting in all your own guys seems bush to me.

  4. Bruce Thiesen

    Except for the wins and standings, Kansas City seems to be wayward in all things baseball these days. It wasn’t that long ago that I would tune in to watch them play. Now, it seems that I avoid any of their games, no matter the opponent or match up. I’d rather watch other teams play.

    This whole “get out the vote” thing has gone way too far. Every team pushes the fan to log in and give them some more data. More votes. I love the way Hunter Pence plays. Don’t look now, MLB, but he hasn’t really played much this year. And Joe Mauer – he used to hit pretty well and was one of the best catchers for a few years. Does MLB really want me to vote for them? It would seem that they do?


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