Hot Dog Eating a Hot dog.

john kilduff

John Kilduff–Rickey Henderson 1980 Topps rookie

As longtime readers know, I like to incorporate different facets of life into this blog, mostly from the realm of modern art and literature. It tends to get a bit tedious talking about baseball players and stats and free agency and Bud Selig’s ego and PED’s and Hall of Fame voters and the widening strike zone until I’m blue in the face. We’re getting closer to the Christmas holidays, I drank too much Crown Royal and I’m feeling a bit silly.

John Kilduff was a loco personality. He hosted a “painting show” that I would watch late at night here in Los Angeles while sucking on the hash pipe. I was supposed to be writing a thesis on “Modern Art and Capitalism,” but this show seemed more interesting and vital at the time. I couldn’t tell if the guy was gifted or if he was a charlatan looking to make a buck, (he turned out to be both) and I loved it. Some of his work had titles like, “Hot dog eating a hot dog,” and “African-American titty burger.” All this talk is meaningless, you simply must see for yourself…

2 thoughts on “Hot Dog Eating a Hot dog.

  1. steve

    I’d side with gifted when it comes to John Kilduff. This is the first time I’ve ever seen him or heard of him and I was entertained; the painting, blended drink and exercising all at the same time; and amazed he did it in a suit and tie and the baseball card paintings bonus and the open air hostility and his guts to endure and roll with it. Thanks for mentioning this guy. I found his painting of a Tony Oliva card and a Gene Locklear and Mario Guererro. That’s rare and Interesting and original. Who paints a Mario Guerrero baseball card? The non baseball paintings are interesting as well.

  2. pulpephemera

    This is one of the wackiest things I’ve seen in a while–and all of those other videos on Youtube give me plenty to look forward to during the off season. Thanks for sharing!


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