Angels win the West. Ho hum.


Elephants never forget.

The “Los Angeles” Angels clinched the Western division last night, finally living up to their “potential” and bloated pay-roll. Their mellow, almost boring to the point of tears fans were given kudos for sticking around after the game and watching the Athletics’ Sean Doolittle achieve a karma-like implosion on the big screen as the Rangers scored 6 in the 9th to take the game 6-1. I think it is pertinent to understand that Doolittle had just come off of the disabled list a few days earlier but seeing that the A’s bullpen had decided to smear feces on its collective faces the past month or so, his comeback was seen as just slightly below the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. Mike Scioscia, who has the character of a stoned sloth summed it up this way, “Guys are aware that this is one little milestone that we need, and I think they’re proud of that, but we have a long way to go. I think these guys know the bigger prize that we need to keep our eyes on.” Well said, but let’s not forget that their pitching staff would be/and will be considerably worse than any team in the A.L. playoffs. Now the baseball world will be able to see the owner of the worst contract in Angels history, Josh Hamilton, do what he does best–swing at virtually everything, and look bad while doing it. His MVP season of 2010 feeling like decades ago as he is now just an average player at best when they can get him on the field. A’s fans also have no love for outfielder Kole Calhoun who complained about the Oakland fans in RF being “too loud” in Anaheim and actually had a few ejected. Perhaps I am looking at this with a jaundiced eye, but besides Mike Trout, Howie Kendrick and maybe Jeff Weaver this team just isn’t very likable. They are as homogenized as the city they play in. Here’s to hoping they choke on a giant chicken bone in the playoffs. Godspeed.

3 thoughts on “Angels win the West. Ho hum.

  1. Glen Russell Slater

    I guess this guy Dr. Doolittle that you mention was doing little. He wasn’t doing much except talking to the animals, especially to the Athletics elephant who’s shitting the Angel’s logo.

    May I explain my “joke”. There was this awful movie musical that I went to see when I was six or seven called “Dr. Dolittle” starring Rex Harrison, where the highlight of the movie was him singing “If I Could Talk To the Animals”. The movie was aimed at our demographic (7 and under, I guess), but even at that early age, I thought the movie was for the birds.


      1. Glen Russell Slater

        I didn’t see Eddie Murphy in Doctor Dolittle I, but I did see the second one, and I thought it was pretty darn good. A real departure from the Eddie Murphy of Beverly Hills Cop, I thought that a lot of it was pretty darn funny.

        The only Beverly Hills Cop movie I saw was the first one, and I loved it. I can’t believe it was 30 years ago, though.


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