2014 Topps….Coco style

2014-Topps-Coco-Crisp-213x300 Last night my girlfriend and I were doing some shopping when I decided to buy my first pack of 2014 Topps. After opening the pack I was impressed by the photo quality and design of the product, even scoring a Tom Milone. I instantly threw it in an envelope and sent it out with the rest of my spring training autograph requests. (hint:players are MUCH more willing to sign during spring training.) The card to my left came to my attention after reading the blog “Jim’s baseball cards.” They thought I should pay homage…so here is my chance, and also a chance to give a shout out to a fellow blogger whose work I enjoy.


jesus chrysler, there’s a symphony with full bill bruford percussions in that afro. i’m inspired to make a trip to the one card store in town and buy me a 2014 pack or two. I hope they still got that bum ball machine.

Oscar Gamble would be proud.

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