Canseco for president

prezJose Canseco was recently pulled over by police with 2 goats in his backseat, 1 of which was wearing a diaper. He then tweeted this: Just got pulled over with goats in the car. The cop laughed at our poor goats . Awesome.

Longtime readers of the ‘Fro know we aren’t above a little sensationalism, so we are going to regale you with some of Mr. Canseco’s more , ummm, “interesting” tweets. Hopefully you can wade through the mis-spellings. Good luck.

I am and will always be just simply a basball player,my tomb stone will just say. Baseball. (Ok, this is sort of a humble sentiment, no gripes here.)

I do not have bitch tits (perhaps someone told him this…and he was IRKED!)

al gore was a head of his time .i miss him rest in peace buddy hug for u (Al Gore is not dead.)

Titanic 100 years wOw. Global warming couldve saved titanic. Sad to say (this is almost brilliant… at least he acknowledges global warming, unlike George W.)

I was driving last night on a lonely dark road and met this alien or maybe a really ugly girl and it gave me the lottery numbers (wow.)

hole families used to sleep in one big bed and produce no waste how did we go from their to killing polar bears in 100 years (no comment.)

I hope they have twitter in heaven (he obviously likes to be heard, nothing new here.)

I can’t stop crying (jeeeezuz)

I need an attorney pro bono my lanlord evicted me and would not let me take my chandeleers with me ,need your help to get them back 

ungay and gay how are they not equal humans

Would you swallow your dogs throw up to save your best friend from dieing

Roses r red violets r blue my x is a pot head and so is her boo

Wow there is a black crow out side my window staring at me what does that mean

and finally…..

Step into my mind for one night c if u can survive the nightmares (I did, and I can’t)

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