The “cheese” goes to game 5.

entrance This is a short, rather funny account of his trip to game 5 submitted by one of the most awesome and dedicated readers of this and the facebook page , (check it out if you haven’t already)  Don “the cheese” Queso. enjoy!

As i made the 10 minute drive to the park from my house, I cant help but get a nervous energy rush over me thinking of last years post season. We were bested by a bunch of assholes in our own house. After a  45 minute parking war, 6 pack of corona and 5 fatties burnt to a CRISP I’m in my mode and ready to hunt tigers. Entering the park the crowd is all hopeful and feeling confident about the game. I’m greeted by a few familiar faces as i make my way to my seat and run into a troll wearing a Tigers hat and A’s jersey. I swiftly inform him its a better idea to wear KKK sheet to million man march and that he’s a fucking jinx!

he mad.

he mad.

I proceed on my short trek to section 227 and quickly accumulated 3 rally towels instead of the 1 that they give at the gate. My spirits are higher than they had been all day, feeling like runs wouldn’t be an issue. Finally I’m at my seat and yelling for the A’s to get it done. After 3 no hit innings for both teams the nervousness sets back in. Gray finally gives up a hit . Up comes Miguel Cabrera and slaps a lazy 2 run home-run in the 4th. A sense of urgency quickly rushes over me. the A’s aren’t hitting and I’m surrounded by drunk assholes that don’t know the game, players or even the score, and its pissing me off to no end. I stand up and tell them they need to pull their shit together. A few more innings go by and the green and gold can’t even make any contact or even a loud out. Its making me sick to my stomach, they play their asses off for 162 + games just to come home and blow it all in front of 43.000 fans. This isn’t what I wanted to see or people I wanted to be around. I’ve been to more games in 1 week than these assholes have all season, so after 7 no hit innings I’ve had enough and took the walk of shame back to my truck. Call me fair weather or bandwagon but I call it educated. The boys weren’t playing like themselves. Some calls were going the other way, and to top it all off the “A’s killer ” Verlander was dealing like he was in a Las Vegas poker room. I listen to the game on the radio on the way home and then catch the final 8th and 9th innings on the tube. The tigers closer Benoit is struggling and doesn’t have “the goods,” and allows the A’s first consecutive base runners of the night. Up comes our last hope Seth Smith. He takes some admirable hacks but in the end leaves 2 on with a lazy fly out to right, and with that goes another year of the Verlander curse. It was a good season but like our guy BIlly Beane says “if you don’t win the last game of the season it doesn’t matter.”  So bring on the Tiger and Giants trolls because through it all I will always bleed GREEN & GOLD!

awwwwwwww...yeah. vape pen time!

awwwwwwww…yeah. vape pen time!

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