Pat Neshek…autograph collector


Oakland A’s reliever Pat Neshek is a bit of an autograph collector. Currently he is trying to complete the entire 1985 Topps set! Collecting an entire set of cards is a specialized niche in the hobby; some fans spend years, even lifetimes trying to finish. As a player, Neshek has special access, but that only partly explains why he has completed more than 75 percent of the set since he undertook the project in January. Fans have given Neshek hundreds of cards. If you would like to help Pat out, check out his web site.   Neshek thanks fans by sending them his own autographed cards. His signature offers a peek into his personality: inside the P in his first name, Neshek draws the seams of a baseball. He has loved baseball, and its people, all his life. Recently I sent Pat a short interview, he responded and also sent me an autographed minor league card! It’s refreshing to interact with a player who gives his time back to the fans.

Who is the toughest batter you’ve faced?


I read somewhere that the bullpen guys are a quirky bunch that like to play tricks on each other…is that true? What do you talk about?

We talk about EVERYTHING. I don’t play tricks, but some guys do.

I read on your blog that you’re really into punk/metal music. What do you listen to today?

All that remains

The A’s are known as a laidback bunch of guys… how do you feel about the clubhouse?

We have alot of young guys that are hungry!!!!


Neshek sure isn’t very long winded. I love that first response…Ichiro end of story. I would have thought he’d be very talkative after seeing the way he gets all hyped up when he’s pitching. I would like to ask him the origins of his unique delivery. Usually pitchers bottom out with their careers and a coach or someone will suggest doing something outlandish to win another chance.

Most through the mail interviews are short with mostly one word responses. I just got a Dick Green interview in the mail yesterday, and the responses are so curt I’m not sure if I can even post it on here.

the only effort i’ve ever made was with Gary Roenicke. It was a school project, had to do a bio on an Orioles player from the 70’s. I called up the Orioles. I think it was Macphail’s grandson who I called-head of marketing or media relations or something like that.

Shit-god damn, he gave me Roenicke’s cell phone number. Roenicke talked for like an hour about whatever the hell I asked. Beginner’s luck I guess or maybe players are less suspicious if you just wanna talk, but whatever, now I got that address from the link you posted, so let winter drag on for another 50 days. I got rejections to collect.

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