A’s lose….again.

A'S SLEEEEP   April 26. Oakland A’s vs Baltimore Orioles.

  I watched this game with a friend, but in order to deal with my allergies I popped a pill and downed a 32 ouncer mere moments before the game started.

  This is totally off subject, but what is with those fucking guys on the subway who listen to their radios without headphones!?


7:07 “friend” complains about Jarrod Parker

7:08 first pitch

7:15 Fosse complains about home plate umpire Jim Reynolds (who tossed Curt Young the night before) in the subtle way only HE can.

7:18 Weiters strikes out to end the inning

7:24 “friend” calls the strike zone bullshit and says Josh Reddick’s facial hair looks “dumb” moments before he K’s.

2nd inning:

7:34 another bullshit call by the umpires erasing a nice double play started by Josh Donaldson. E-5.

7:52 Casper Wells K’s in his first AB as an Athletic.

At this point in time the pill I had taken earlier intermingled with the beer causing me to fall into a deep sleep. I awaken to find the A’s down 1-0 and watch until the 9th when Ryan Cook gives up 2 runs… erasing our chances for a victory. Back to sleep.

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A little celestial waltz action? You know the only super bowl the Packers won with Brett Favre as quarterback he was hooked on vicodin.

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