a very special thank you to Miles Head

miles headAs I have mentioned before on this blog, I have been collecting autographs TTM (through the mail) since I was a young boy. This usually involves sending a baseball card or some other piece of memorabilia to the team that the player of your choice plays on. Hopefully, that player takes time out of his busy schedule to scribble his name quickly and send it back in the envelope that you had provided. I find this hobby to be cool, fun, cheap and it always feels like Christmas when you get an envelope from a player in the mail. I wanted to get a ‘graph from Miles Head (a top 5 A’s prospect aquired with Josh Reddick in the Andrew Bailey/Ryan Sweeney trade. Win!) but didn’t have any of his cards. I wrote him a short note explaining the situation. (The only other time being Mike Piazza in 1991, who sent me an autographed Bakersfield Dodgers card!) Miles was nice enough to send me 2 signed cards (one with Stockton (A) and one with Round Rock (AA) Thanks Miles, you’ll always have a fan here. Here are a few quotes about the man and his abilities:

“We’re very optimistic about him. He’s one of the best pure hitters in the system. He’s a very aggressive hitter. He wants to put the ball in play, and he makes consistently loud contact. Defensively, we moved him over to third base last year, the position he played as an amateur. Everybody has more value at third base than at first base. But in the long run, he’s going to be a guy who plays both positions.”- Farhan Zaidi, A’s director of baseball operations

“Miles Head was the most absolutely dominant player I have ever seen. Ever. It  became comical at times seeing him shred through opposing organization’s top pitching like they were throwing BP. In case you didn’t know, Head is a hulking corner infielder that was the equivalent of a nuclear bomb to Cal League pitching. Apparently, he’s listed at 215 pounds, but I’m here to tell you that isn’t true. I’ve seen the man up close in person and I’d bet this blog he’s 230+ at least. He is an inhuman giant. And what he did to the Cal League was what would’ve happened in Oakland if Brandon Moss was on steroids and was fathered by a luck dragon.”- The afroed elepant blog.

“Oh, the headlines they’ll write. Miles Head is a powerful and puntastic prospect currently gaining attention in the Oakland system. With 23 homers in 124 games split between high- and double-A last year, Miles is a big boy on a fast track to joining the very young and very potent offense in Oakland.” -scouting book.com

Mr, Head is currently slated to play in Round Rock, (AA) but I expect to see him in Sacramento (AAA) by the middle/end of the season. There is no doubt you will see this guy in an Oakland uniform sometime in the near future.





Great post. Thats awesome that he was a cool guy. I saw him play a few times last year when he was playing with Stockton and they came through Modesto. As I recall the only knock on him was his height. I know last year he hit the cover of the ball in the Cal league.

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There’s something about this cat’s name. It’s important that he reaches the majors soon and sticks around. I don’t know why, but I’m in a panic. It has to happen. You’ve done your part requesting for his autograph. I’ll find some Miles Davis on You Tube and let it play for a while. ….(3 minutes later. I never knew there was a Miles album called miles ahead and the title song is also called miles ahead. Sounds like a walk in the park beside a big band shell. Not my favorite, but gets me linking to Bitches Brew. It’s been a while.

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