brandon mccarthy: strange taste in music…….or hipster irony????


Brandon McCarthy received some media attention some time ago for posing on the cover of Sports Illustrated with his hot wife. This is the type of news attention that I usually don’t blink at because of the fact that I’m a baseball fan and not a TMZ subscriber…. but his blog is beyond bizarre. Never mind the fact that there are only 2 posts (one of which goes on to describe an umpire’s horseshit call at his expense), but the other goes on to say that he should have dedicated his whimsical blog to Richard Marx and his song, “Hazard.” I’m not sure how you could dedicate a blog to such an awful song, but I am intrigued.  Tongue in cheek Mr. McCarthy? We can only hope…..

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Well, don’t forget there were always guys who would do just about anything in high school to get with such and such girl.

It always felt like a great triumph when their alter ego kicked in and they would say “screw that bitch. I’m not holding her books anymore.” He would then go get drunk and forget about her. Not everybody is so lucky.

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