heathen, hippy, drug addict.

 I got a real kick out of this: apparently a  fan of the A’s triple AAA affiliate, the Sacramento Rivercats called a radio talk show to rant about a few things that related to Manny Ramirez’ hair. You have to hear it to believe it. Enjoy, young republicans……

p.s Manny was cut a few days ago and I doubt any A’s fans blinked an eye. This video might be the best thing to come out of this short lived “relationship.”


I usually struggle to pee, but it’s coming out like a flood after hearing this woman. She is my golden shower. Classic!!!!!!!!! Every kid deserves a lady like this in their neighborhood as the source of great pranks and inspiration.

There was an old lady like this in my neighborhood as a elementary school kid. She would run us off for picking a few apples off her over abundant tree. Seems a little petty on her part in retrospect. Hell, maybe it was her hobby.

i hope you tossed em at her window or cable clicked her. When remote controls were more universal, it was so much easier to drive old people nuttier than they already were.

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