hey maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

  I always liked this Jeff Jones card because he looked righteously blazed. Turns out he is now the pitching coach for the Tigers and a totes L7, daddy-o. Its ok baby, dont get your chones in a bunch… Chill the fuck out and enjoy one of the greatest garage/psych rock bands of all time.

“I couldn’t stand Janis Joplin’s voice…..she was just a screaming little loudmouthed chick.” Arthur Lee

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The names aren’t coming to mind, but I remember some psychedelic bands from all over the world, probably off shoots of Floyd’s Piper at the gates of dawn or maybe precursors, but whatever. I think Can was one of them. That dude Holgar Czukay is dangerous to listen to while standing ona subway platform beside faceless people. Still gets me going on a certain kind of day, usually grey and autumn when the branches look like fencing swords. Timeless shit…all of it; from the more obscure like the one you posted to King Crimson

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